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Our Year 1 spellings will be handed out every Tuesday. You can find your child's spellings in their home school book. Please support your child in helping them to learn these words, by using the look, say, cover, write and check method shown on the spelling sheets. Each week we look at a different spelling rule which can be applied to other words when the children are writing. We appreciate that some of the spellings are very difficult, and will revisit the trickier rules, as well as refer to them day to day as we come across them in our work.



Please continue to help your child learn all their spellings as they need to be able to use the words in every day writing, not just for the test. However, if your child does not seem keen, just do a couple at a time, making a game of it. Sometimes spellings may be repeated as this builds confidence to use them in writing and especially in the test situations when children can become a little anxious. 


We understand that children may get them all right at home but sometimes are unable to recall these at school and this can be because of a number of reasons.   Please do not worry and  just continue to help your child learn. 


Please remember that every child progresses at their own rate and we allow them time and opportunities to learn. 


Thank you for your support.