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Family Support, Mental Health, Wellbeing, Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Pastoral Team

For further support or advice please contact us:

Family Support Advisor & Mental Health & Wellbeing

Email:  Tracey Linton

Telephone: 01933  355961

Mobile: 07545433657

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities - (Available Term Times Only )

Email: Louise Banks

Telephone: 01933  355961

Lastest Information for Parents

Summer Activities Special This newsletter will include lots of exciting activities and events happening across the county during the school summer break.

If you are in need of any support over the summer hoildays, please see the list below for further details

Disagreements in relationships are normal and not necessarily problematic when resolved constructively. However, when thee is conflict that is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, it is likely to have a negative impact on the parents and their children. Research show that this conflict is harmful to children and affects their outcomes. Please see the Free online Resources for Parents below:

Information Leaflet on the Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

More about the MHST

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If you think your child would benefit from this service and you would like to discuss a referral then please contact Mrs Tracey Linton to initiate a conversation.

Action for Happiness - Altrusitic August

Altruistic August with Vanessa King

Head of Psychology for Action for Happiness, Vanessa King shares her top tips for sending out ripples of kindness.

Freedom Leisure Summer Activities

Northants Parent Forum Group Information

Activities for Mental Health & Well-being