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German at Denfield Park


At Denfield Park Primary School, we believe that learning a foreign language in primary schools is a crucial component of the educational landscape, offering young learners the opportunity to acquire language skills and cultural understanding from an early age. Furthermore, we feel that a high-quality languages education fosters pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world.


In our school, we integrate German into our curriculum, recognising the importance of multilingualism and the global significance of the German language. The approach to teaching German in our school emphasises a communicative and interactive methodology. Through games, song and storytelling, we aim to create engaging and immersive environment where children can naturally absorb the language. Basic vocabulary and phrases are introduced gradually, allowing pupils to build a foundation for effective communication.


Teachers leverage a variety of resources, multimedia materials and language learning apps designed for young learners. Integrating technology into lessons helps make the learning process more dynamic and appealing to the tech-savvy generation growing up in the 21st century.


Cultural components are woven into the curriculum to provide pupils with a broader understanding of the German-speaking world. This includes traditions, festivals and simple aspects of daily life, fostering cultural awareness and curiosity about different ways of living. Projects and activities related to German-speaking countries enhance the pupils’ appreciation for diversity.


Assessment methods in our school German classes often focus on oral communication, basic writing skills and comprehension. Questioning, quizzes, simple dialogues and short writing tasks are our tools for evaluating language proficiency while keeping the assessment process child-friendly and constructive.


Moreover, the inclusion of German in our school lays the groundwork for future language learning. It not only facilitates smoother transitions to more advanced language studies in secondary school but also opens doors to potential exchange programs or study opportunities in German-speaking countries.


Our school follows the National Curriculum MFL aims by studying one language in Key Stage 2. To deliver our curriculum we follow the Goethe-Institut schemes of learning which are divided into four years of progressive learning.


For further information on the teaching of German, please refer to our Intent, Implementation and Impact document.


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