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Welcome to our Personal, Social, Health and Relationships Education (PSHE) page


In PSHE, we use our studies to celebrate British life, appreciate British values and the culture of Great Britain. Our school values: HONESTY, RESPECT, COLLABORATION, SELF-BELIEF and PRIDE are an important part of our ethos and we continually reinforce these through our PSHE curriculum. As an inclusive and attachment aware school pastoral support is a vital part of our culture and we work hard to ensure that all pupils are valued and understood.


Since September 2019 our PSHE programme has been made up of the Quickstart PIXL programme which includes character development, well-being and E-safety and is supplemented with our own school values work. Our lessons include a variety of approaches such as circle time, collaborative work, group discussion and debate. Within PSHE we access a range of resources and speakers including the NSPCC, local Police, local Magistrates, SOLVIT, St John's Ambulance, school nursing team, Ground works and members of our local community. We promote positive pupil well-being on our Face Book pages and our website.


As an inclusive school we deliver a range of therapies to targeted pupils. These include: The Forest School Curriculum, Lego Therapy, Social Detectives, Relax kids and Drawing and Talking.


The School Council at Denfield Park is a successful and active group which meets on alternate weeks along with class councils. They have achieved their Ruby and Emerald awards. The School council leads assemblies and runs activity events, raising money for different charities as well as school projects. Cake sales, Beetle drives, sponsored events, film nights, discos and competitions are some of the events they have organised. Each class has two representatives. We have democratically elected Team Captains and children in Years 5 and 6 take on a range of responsibilities such as Peer Mentors, Sports Leaders, Eco Monitors as well as other important roles within school.


We are in the process of reviewing our SRE curriculum in line with the new DFE guidance. We deliver this during the Summer Term. 


The school holds healthy eating status and through our programme of study we encourage an awareness of keeping healthy and eating healthily. Children in KS1 access fruit and the school kitchen sells healthy snacks at break time. We encourage healthy eating by choosing a healthy hot meal or bringing a healthy packed lunch.


We recognise that effective PSHE can improve the physical, psychological and mental well-being of pupils and that positive health and well-being enables pupils to achieve better academically.                                             


PSHE Overview 2019-2020