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Religious Education

Religious Education


Welcome to our Religious Education curriculum page.


In common with all other schools in Northamptonshire, we follow the updated Northamptonshire Agreed Syllabus for R.E. All year groups from Reception to Year 6 follow the syllabus, and, although R.E. is not compulsory in the Nursery, certain aspects of the curriculum are covered in order to begin to foster an appreciation of other cultures and beliefs in all of our children. 


In Reception we begin to look at Christianity and other religions relevant to our school or the local area, looking at Ourselves, Celebration and Special Books. We introduce Christianity by looking at core aspects of the Bible, which are built on throughout each school year. In Key Stage 1 we continue to look at Christianity and begin to learn about Judaism as well as Hinduism and Humanism. In Key Stage 2, we continue to study Christianity, and also look at Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. 


R.E. is taught as far as possible in a cross curricular way, using art, drama and music, as well as more traditional approaches such as writing and drawing. Discussion, incorporating all points of view and an appreciation of other people's beliefs and way of life, is actively encouraged. We arrange visits to places of worship to support the children’s learning, and also invite visitors from different religions to school.


We aim to learn about religion, but also from religion, and to foster in the children a positive attitude to all creeds and beliefs. R.E. promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of each child, by provoking challenging questions about the meaning of life, and by encouraging the children to make positive and healthy choices. It allows the children to reflect on their own uniqueness as human beings and appreciate different faiths whilst at the same time respecting our fundamental British values.


If you have any further questions about R.E., please email the address below:-

Deborah Rollings

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