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Welcome to our Art Curriculum Page

Art at Denfield Park Primary school is taught in 3 blocks across the year. Each year group will cover a minimum of 3 essential skills and will showcase their work in their sketchbooks. 


Our art skills are showcased through a variety of media sources across the whole school. 

We aim to encourage all children to become independent and take an active role in all aspects of the Arts. In our lessons we use a cross curricular approach so that the children access a variety of skills. Art and Design lessons are designed so that all children have equal access and opportunities to thrive.


We also hold special art days based around an event or a particular visiting artist. We celebrate arts week, we have a whole week of being immersed in all the arts, music, dance, drama, art, craft and design.   

We pride ourselves in giving children a high quality arts provision that is embedded in our school ethos.  There is always some amazing art work on display that the children can be proud of.


A copy of our Art policy and intent statement can be found below. 




Art & Design at Denfield

Miss Katie Spence