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Footsteps from the past!

We have a very exciting topic after Christmas..

Footsteps From The Past!


We will be learning about ALL of this!


  • About the different time periods when dinosaurs lived
  • How to make a time line
  • About fossil hunters from around the world
  • About different ideas to explain why the dinosaurs died out
  • What the Earth looked like millions of years ago
  • Where to look for dinosaur bones
  • What a fossil is and how a fossil is formed
  • How to make a dinosaur fossil
  • How to find out what dinosaurs looked like
  • What dinosaurs ate
  • How to sort and classify dinosaurs
  • About the other animals and plants that lived at the same time as the dinosaurs
  • About how artists draw dinosaurs
  • How to make a sculpture of a dinosaur How to make reptile-skin patterns


Check back to see what we get up to!

We made Clay dinosaurs and painted them!

Locating Dinosaur Fossils using maps!