Denfield Park Primary School

Learning and Growing Together


Please continue to read regularly with your child at home and record it into their reading record. Each time your child reads they will get to tick off a box in their reading award card. Year 5 will have a bronze, silver and gold award system. The children will have a set number of reads to reach each level. At the end of the term, each award will have a reward. Unfortunately, we can not offer this to children who do not reach the minimum reads. These reads can be achieved by using a school allocated book, magazine, newspaper, library book or suitable book from home. 

Year 5 Class Book


In Year 5, we are currently reading: Beetle Boy. We are happy for your child to bring along a copy from home to follow along if they have one. We have shall some great opportunities and activities linked to this book!



Spellings will be given out on a Monday and the children will be tested the following Monday. These will be stuck into your child's reading record. The results from these spelling tests will be written into your child's reading record. 

Please could your child practise their spellings at home using the look, cover, write and check method.    

This week's spellings:

knuckle, ceiling, receipt, inefficient, proficient, sought, drought, admiration, considerable, perceive



This week's precision spellings:

meat, meet, berry, bury, peace, piece, break, brake, saw, sore