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School Council

Welcome to Our School Council!

Well done to all our Class Councillors of 2016-17 and we look forward to the election of our 2017-18 Class Councillors on Friday 29th September 2017 !


What is a School Council?

A school council is a group of elected children that represent the views of the children in the school. We meet regularly and have class councils to feed back. This helps ensure all our children have a voice in how the school develops and works for all of us.


The School Council will meet to discuss and sort out any issues, for example school lunches or play times. They also discuss ideas for fundraising and implement action plans.

Please speak to our School Councillors if you wish to put forward any ideas for us to discuss at our School Council meetings. 


What are the aims of The School Council?

To encourage children to be actively involved with the school

To encourage children to suggest improvements

To make sure our school is a safe and happy place for children

To help children and staff collaborate within school


What has Our School Council done?

​​​​​​​Won a Ruby  Changemaker award for improving our outside area

Purchased new games and activities for Wet Play

Purchased new prizes for PROUD assembly

Held successful Mother's/Father's Day Sales

Fundraised through holding Film Clubs & Discos

Decided on new books for the library



Picture 1 Fox Class
Picture 2 Fox Class
Picture 3 Mole Class
Picture 4 Mole Class
Picture 5 Badger Class
Picture 6 Badger Class
Picture 7 Otter Class
Picture 8 Otter Class
Picture 9 Elm Class
Picture 10 Elm Class
Picture 11 Beech Class
Picture 12 Beech Class
Picture 13 Ash Class
Picture 14 Maple Class
Picture 15 Ash Class
Picture 16 Maple Class
Picture 17 Sycamore Class
Picture 18 Sycamore Class
Picture 19 Cedar Class
Picture 20 Cedar Class
Picture 21 Horsechestnut Class
Picture 22 Horse Chestnut Class
Picture 23 Oak Class
Picture 24 Oak Class